Manufactured in South Korea, Fireball Car Care & Detailing Products are renown for their use of advanced silicon dioxide (SiO2) technology and extreme hydrophobic properties.

Here at South Wales Car Care (SWCC) we understand how important your car is to you and that is why, as part of our commitment to providing the very best products to all our clients, we are proud to offer ‘Fireball' car care and detailing products.

Our detailers have been trained, tested and approved to use the extensive ‘Fireball’ range and look forward to discussing your requirements with you. Once your package has been chosen* you can sit back and relax whilst we do all the work in our secure, monitored unit. Whilst your vehicle resides with us we guarantee that your vehicle is in safe, reliable hands and for your added comfort our detailers are fully insured.

Once protected with Fireball Sealants we strongly recommend participating in our maintenance package plan. With all Fireball Coatings the workmanship and product include a guarantee. In order to protect the validity of the warranty the vehicle must be maintained using either our maintenance service or if appropriate we can issue Fireball products for you to maintain your vehicle at your leisure.

Options Available

DETAIL (ideal for brand new vehicles)
Wash & Protection For New Vehicles this is a thorough wash and decontamination process of the vehicle. Even though a vehicle can be brand new, deposits are picked up during transportation, so as well as getting rid of those during the wash process, the bodywork is clayed to remove even more contaminants. This then gives the paint sealant a completely clean, defect free surface to bond to. The wheels are coated in sealant and exterior glass are also sealed. The interior is vacuumed and cleaned throughout and the engine bay is detailed

Single Stage Paint Correction Enhancement Detail & Protection For New & Older Vehicles this is more involved, as your new car shouldn’t have any defects in the paintwork (for example marring, swirl marks and scratches) unfortunately 99% of the brand new vehicles that come in have paint defects which are usually applied by the valeter’s at the dealerships. Using old, dirty cloths, mitts and taking no pride in the vehicle’s appearance.

They are literally turned around in such a quick timeframe the care and attention goes out the window. The vehicle is fully cleaned and clayed, but this is a time consuming but very rewarding option polishing out the defects to create a great finish to the paintwork giving more depth, the flake or pearl will pop a lot more and is then ready for the sealant of your choice. Brand new paint can always be machined to look better which people often overlook and don’t think it needs protecting either – wrong!

Multi Stage Paint Correction Detail & Protection For New & Older Vehicles starting off the same as options one and two, the first stage of paint correction is complete. We then work our way around the entire vehicle again with a mixture of finer grades of polishes and pad combinations refining and jeweling the paint to create even more gloss, depth and a truly flawless finish to the paintwork. With as many defects removed as safely possible in the first stage, the paintwork looks great but jeweling the paintwork afterwards give the ultimate look and is the most popular option people go for when their book a car detail be it new or older vehicles.

DETAIL (New car preparation & protection)

Devils blood Ceramic coating (price on enquiry) This is a Superhydrophobic nano technology hard Si02 coating for paint finishes. Durability of upto 24 months. Boost depth and gloss instantly and increases with curing. High resistance to swirling, scratching, uv damage & water mark etching. Add 'Talon' Alloy wheel sealant to this package for £50 Rrp £100.

Butterfly Ceramic Coating (price on enquiry) This is a Superhydrophobic nano technology hard Si02 coating for paint surfaces. Durability of upto 36 months. This coating is much tougher than its predecessor 'devils blood' with a much higher resistance to scratching, swirling, water mark etching & uv damage. Due to the thickness of the coating it dramatically increases gloss, depth and clarity of the paintwork. Add 'Talon' Alloy wheel sealant to this package for £50 Rrp £100

Dok do Ceramic Coating (price on enquiry) This is a Superhydrophobic nano technology hard Si02 coating for paint surfaces. Durability of upto 60 months.
This is the optimum coating for those who want the best of the best, this coating is the toughest of the FireballUK range. Giving maximum resistance to scratching, swirling, water mark etching & uv damage.
This coating not only provides maximum protection but also gives ultimate depth, gloss and clarity to the paintwork . Add 'Talon' Alloy wheel sealant to this package for £50 Rrp £100

Talon Ceramic Coating for Alloy Wheels (price on enquiry)
This is a Super hydrophobic nano technology hard Si02 coating for wheels. Coating the entire alloy (face and barrel) Durability of up to 9 months with Ultimate Coating Wax maintenance. Increases gloss and repellency, reduced brake dust build up. No need for any wheel cleaners, simply jet clean!


We are now a fully Approved detailer for Fireball UK covering Wales & the South West
​Offering all coatings with a warranty after application
Fireball Detailing Technology produced in South Korea. Fireball products are well known for their hydrophobic and silicone dioxide (SiO2) properties besides their premium range of shampoos and waxes to suit your car interior and exterior needs.

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